Jimmy Beck & His Orchestra – Pipe Dreams

28 11 2007


 This tracked has appeared on several Blues and R&B compilations and most recently found on The Champion Records Story Vol. 2 – Rockin’ R&B, which was based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

When this track was originally released in 1959, it sold around 50,000 copies – not to bad even by today’s standards.


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Shapeshifter – Electric Dream

24 10 2007


We (the misses and I) caught Shapeshifter at DiscoCult at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam Friday October 12, 2007.  This was a great performance and I’m sure the “special” smoke in the air didn’t hurt either.  The crowd was great, and  Shapeshifter brought it, and found ways to keep taking it up a notch through the set.  This was an explosive and vibrant show and one of the best I’ve seen in years.   

Here’s a track they played that night called “Electric Dream”. 



[myspace – The Sugar Factory] 

[myspace – Shapeshifter]

PS. Be sure not to confuse Shapeshifter (drum n bass) with The Shapeshifters (House)… and yes, I did confuse the two hence my warning.

PSS. More post plus videos from this event coming soon including the smashing DJ from Germany who followed the shapeshifter set, Lars Moston — btw, this guy killed it…

Kevin Michael – We all want the same thing (ft. Lupe Fiasco)

21 09 2007




Here’s a hip hop/soul track from Kevin Michael who is out of Chester, PA.
I dig the gospel break towards the end of the track.  His album goes on Sale OCT 2.