Freezepop – Harebrained Scheme

11 11 2007



Art school vocals and pop sensibilities dominate this track.  Vocals at times remind me of someone doing the “robot” while talking, but strangely enough it’s very entertaining.  And to think all from a very modest setup of a Yamaha QY70 battery powered sequencer and a  Mama vocoder, talk about DIY.   

Freezepop formed in 1999 in Boston, MA. and their latest album, “Future Future Future Perfect” was just release this September on Recodes — with an upgrade to their modest music studio no less.








Futurecop! – Transformers

10 11 2007

futurecop.jpg Influenced by all things 80’s, Manzur Iqbal from Manchester UK has set out to recreate 80’s themes with a twist.  Part DaftPunk, part Justice, and part pop you’ll get 80’s imagery with no problem here.   



Marsheaux – Empire State Human

3 11 2007


Found that cover Marsheaux did of Human League’s:


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Wolfsheim – Once In A Lifetime

30 10 2007


Well, I guess I’m late to the game on this one.  Neverheard of Wolfsheim until today and I’m pleasently surprised how good they are at crafting memoriable synthpop/goth tunes.   Vocals remind of  Peter Murphy, from Bauhaus fame.

Be sure to check out thier myspace page for more tunes. 


Information Society – Synthesizer

29 10 2007


Here’s a new synthpop track from long ago, now back again, Information Society. 


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