High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

22 11 2007


Can’t say enough good things about High Contrast’s latest album, “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” – see previous post here.  Here is anothe single taken from the album with a killer vocal sample from a speak-easy time era.  




Shapeshifter – Electric Dream

24 10 2007


We (the misses and I) caught Shapeshifter at DiscoCult at The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam Friday October 12, 2007.  This was a great performance and I’m sure the “special” smoke in the air didn’t hurt either.  The crowd was great, and  Shapeshifter brought it, and found ways to keep taking it up a notch through the set.  This was an explosive and vibrant show and one of the best I’ve seen in years.   

Here’s a track they played that night called “Electric Dream”. 



[myspace – The Sugar Factory] 

[myspace – Shapeshifter]

PS. Be sure not to confuse Shapeshifter (drum n bass) with The Shapeshifters (House)… and yes, I did confuse the two hence my warning.

PSS. More post plus videos from this event coming soon including the smashing DJ from Germany who followed the shapeshifter set, Lars Moston — btw, this guy killed it…

High Contrast – If We Ever

21 10 2007


“If We Ever” features the voice of dance diva Dianne Charlemagne (she sealed her place in the d’n’b hall of fame as the voice of the classic d’n’b anthem “Inner City Life”)