Free Blood – WDWD

15 11 2007


Chk chk chk side project from John XI Pugh and Gorman with a friend named Maddy.  The sound is nice departure from the guitar-driven tunes typical of !!!.  With Free Blood, their is a nice mix of electronic, punk and pop to produce a great dance punk track.




Freezepop – Harebrained Scheme

11 11 2007



Art school vocals and pop sensibilities dominate this track.  Vocals at times remind me of someone doing the “robot” while talking, but strangely enough it’s very entertaining.  And to think all from a very modest setup of a Yamaha QY70 battery powered sequencer and a  Mama vocoder, talk about DIY.   

Freezepop formed in 1999 in Boston, MA. and their latest album, “Future Future Future Perfect” was just release this September on Recodes — with an upgrade to their modest music studio no less.







Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers

7 11 2007


Nice laid back jam from Flying Lotus.  Flying Lotus is known primarily as the artist who produces many of the bumpers on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. His great-aunt is the late Alice Coltrane.



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Trentemoller – Moan (ft. Ane Trolle)

5 11 2007


Danish singer Ane Trolle sings about the longing of her lover:
“I’ve been thinking to much about you

I’ve been staring at the floor

I’ve listened to all the tunes that I love

They make me feel quite blue

See the sunset with no sleep at all”

Delicious, delicious melancholy…


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Marsheaux – Empire State Human

3 11 2007


Found that cover Marsheaux did of Human League’s:


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Marsheaux – Hanging On & Wait No More

2 11 2007


  • Marsheaux is a duo from Athens, Greece, which  reminds me of Goldfrapp / Ladytron.  Smooth, glitchy electro with synthpop playfullness is a welcomed find.  

  • They recently did a cover version of, “Empire State Human” from Human League as well.      

  • Both tracks can be found on their latest album.


Hanging On:


Wait No More:


Techno Squirrels – Love Comes First

31 10 2007


LA based band with a horrible name, but beautiful music.  Seriously, “Techno Squirrels”… I keep picturing a little kid with glow sticks and a Casio churning out techno from his bedroom.  Here’s hoping they change their name….

Remind me alot of telepopmusik



BTW: Happy Halloween!!!