Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Hey Momma’

3 12 2007


Beatle-esque harmonies, circus organs, and psychedlic overtones dominate this track from the collective from Seattle, Washington.  Solid song writing and music production will carry these boys far.



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Let’s Go Sailing – Sideways (Asa Taccone Remix)

27 11 2007


Let’s Go Sailing (aka Shana Levy, former lead sing of Irving) produces sweet melancholy indie pop.  Several of her tracks have been featured on Grey’s Anatomy.


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Emily Wells – Mt Washington

26 11 2007


Multi-instrumentalist hailing from the California with a soulful voice and a haunting violin.  Vocals remind me of Frou Frou lead singer Imogen Heap mixed with Psapp instrumentation.


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Sons And Daughters – Gilt Complex

24 11 2007


This track pounds with unrelenting guitars, driving rhythms, and sexy vocals.  Oh, and hand claps… yes, I’m a sucker for hand claps, so sue me.  This track comes from their third album called, “The Gift”, which was released this last October and can be purchased here



Junip – Chickens (ft. Jose Gonzalez)

23 11 2007


Found this on the newly launched RCDRLBL (Record Label) blog/website.  They have free legal music that can be downloaded directly from their website.  This track is taken from Junip’s ep called Black Refuge.




Sea Wolf – Black Dirt

18 11 2007


Sea Wolf (aka Alex Brown Church) is a local indie rock singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California.



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Sufjan Stevens – Free Man In Paris

16 11 2007


This is a cover version of Joni Mitchell’s, “Free Man in Paris” that was originally released on her 1974 album Court and Spark.  This track can be found on a 2007 tribute to Joni Mitchell compilation.   Stevens kept only the lyrics and let the words inspire him to write a new arrangement and melody for the song.  Stevens has stated that with his cover he “decided to conjure up a party song, with strings and trumpets and trombones and vibraphones marching in a parade down the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, all lit up with fireworks.”